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Expanding "What is"

It's been a while and I know you are performing well. I have been writing some new books. I just published one of my books on You can check it and grab your copy, it is called "Discover The Secret of Winning Your Warfare." I revealed a lot there, GET IT!

I read a lot of Dick Sutphen's blogs. Just this morning he sent me an email about the below write up and I decided to share it with you.

Below is the excerpt:

Those who have read many of my words know that I often talk about accepting what is. It’s the Zen idea of accepting reality (what is). In so doing, life gets easier. And one more time let me quote Buddha: “It is your resistance to what is (reality) that causes your suffering.”

We resist the way someone else is, and get upset by their actions or inactions, their words or deeds. Just when I think I have learned this lesson, I seem to come face-to-face with a new test, often resulting in some form of suffering. Someday, I am going to “get it.”

If eve…

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