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This is always more... can you look Ahead!?

Life is movement and change! Or in the words of the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus: “No man ever steps in the same river twice.” The wind blows. Clouds move across the sky. Winter leeches colours from the leaves. Early last week I road a cart and cattle in Dutse,  Jigawa state, Nigeria, and it occur to me one time in history this was one of the fastest means of transportation. And only aristocrats and royal owned one or more of this sort. How times flies. What you are today will be the least people tommorow will never wish for. If you know this then, you indeed have an education.

 God could have created any type of universe, so why did He create one that was ever-changing and impermanent? However, now i understand Change is a necessary quality and essential attribute of this world, of time and place. Our world of existence is progressive. Without the feature of flux, life would be static. Tied to the mystery of creation is the concept that God, from His exalted seat of perfect…

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